2012 Freedom Rally


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Speaking Schedule for Saturday and Sunday Speakers

Pre-Registration is now closed. If you are interested in attending the conference, at the door registration is available. Please contact Freedom Law School at (760) 868-4271 for more information.

Freedom Law School has added a new event to the Rally! 

~Sunday March 18th will feature a Ron Paul Organizational Meeting to coordinate the California campaign for Ron Paul. There will also be a Candidate Forum for Freedom minded candidates running for elected office. Check back for more details~

March 16-19, Friday-Monday

Location: Irvine, CA | 949-863-1999

Crowne Plaza Hotel – Orange County Airport                                                  

17941 Von Karman Avenue

Irvine, CA 92614

Book your room at the Crowne Plaza Irvine.  Discounted rate of $89.00 + tax available until March 1, 2012 or until the block fills up. Click the link below to make your reservation or contact the hotel directly at 949-863-1999 and be sure to mention Freedom Law School to receive the discount. By staying at the host hotel you assist us keep our costs low!
Crowne Plaza Irvine – Freedom Law School – March 2012


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This 4-day event includes an in depth class on Avoiding and Defeating IRS Criminal Charges, two keynote banquet speakers, 14 of the most exciting Freedom speakers in the country, and a seminar on Stopping Mortgage Fraud.


Friday March 16th starting at 9 AM will feature an 8-hour class on Avoiding and Defeating IRS Criminal Charges. This politically incorrect class will be put on by: Peymon Mottahedeh, President and Founder of Freedom Law School; Joe Banister of Freedom Above Fortune; Dave Wellington of the Law, Education and Research Network; Shawn O’Connor, Head of Freedom Law School’s Criminal Legal Defense Network; and Larry Becraft, Constitutional and Anti-IRS Attorney.

  • Avoid IRS criminal tax charges
  • Learn how to beat an IRS criminal tax charge if your are under investigation
  • Come check out a Mock Trial session where our teachers show you how to defend yourself against a jury of your peers





Friday Night: Ron Paul Organizational Event & Candidate Forum

Dr. Paul, unfortunately, will not be able to attend this year’s Rally. Dr. Paul is working diligently to become our next President, but we will be holding a FREE event that will educate the public on how to effectively campaign for Dr. Paul. Learn how to register people to vote. Learn how to effectively communicate the messages of Dr. Paul, and learn what YOU can do to get Dr. Paul in the White House!
Freedom Law School will also host a Candidate Forum for Freedom Minded candidates to voice their message to the public. Come listen, and come learn at this FREE event!


Ron Paul


Saturday March 17th and Sunday March 18th, starting at 9 AM, is our main event! This will feature some of the most informative, knowledgeable and exciting Freedom speakers addressing a variety of the most important and life-changing events of our day.

(Unfortunately, there was an error in the Rally Brochure – the door cost for the Saturday & Sunday Speakers is $120. Pre-Registration prices are still the same)

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Saturday March 17th will feature our keynote banquet speaker for the evening: 

Assemblyman Mike Morrell has unfortunately cancelled his speaking engagement for the Rally; however, Assemblyman Chris Norby from California’s 72nd Assembly District is now our keynote banquet speaker for Saturday March 17.

Assemblyman Norby has held elected office for 26 years and his guiding principle is “Judge government not by its intentions, but by its results.” In the State Assembly, Mr. Norby serves as the Vice Chair of the Education Committee, and also serves on the Appropriations Committee.



Monday March 19th from 9 AM – 12 PM features a seminar on How to stop Mortgage Fraud and Home Foreclosures. This is a new information that you must have if you are a home owner.

  • Learn how the US Banks have been defrauding American homeowners, like you, and destroying the home mortgage notes that obligate you to make monthly payments to the bank and their investors.
  • What you can do to prevent/stop bank home foreclosures and regain your good credit, even if you stopped making monthly home mortgage payments.




Monday March 19th from 2pm – 5pm a free class on Reach Prosperity in this Great Depression

Presented by Peymon Mottahedeh, President and Founder of Freedom Law School

Peymon Mottahedeh is the President and Founder of Freedom Law School. He is your Master of Ceremonies and will be speaking all four days of the Rally. Peymon is an expert on the IRS and has personally beaten the IRS in a court of law. In addition to the class on Avoiding IRS Criminal Tax Chargers, Peymon will also conduct a class on
Stopping Home Mortgage Fraud and another class on Reaching Prosperity during this Great Depression.
Have you lost your job?
Have your hours been cut?
Has your pay been cut?
Has your business gone down?
Are you doing well financially?
Are you an investor?
Do you want to become financially secure and independent?
If you answered yes to any of these questions: then you want to attend this FREE class!




Here at Freedom Law School we want to connect Patriots. If you want to attend, but are worried about the cost of a room, no worries! Freedom Law School will get you in contact with other Patriots attending so you can work out splitting the cost of a room. Or if you’re in the Southern California area, want to attend, but can’t find transportation, we will help you get in contact with someone also commuting to share a ride with. Contact Freedom Law School at the number below for more details!

Freedom Law School | (760) 868-4271

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