Freedom Law School’s 2013 Freedom Rally


2013 Freedom Rally Brochure

March 8-11, Friday-Monday

Location: Ontario, CA | 909-937-8000

Sheraton Ontario Airport                                                  
429 North Vineyard Avenue
Ontario, CA 91764


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This 4-day event includes a seminar on how to “Legally Beat IRS Assessments and Collections” featuring Donald Macpherson (  We will also have 10 of the most exciting Freedom speakers in the country, a seminar on “Stopping Home Mortgage Fraud”, another seminar titled “No Income? No Money? No Tax Return? No Problem!”, which will show you how to make money in real estate during these hard times, and we are also proud to announce that Freedom Law School has confirmed Vice Presidential Candidate Jim Gray as our keynote banquet speaker. Register today, and don’t miss out!

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Friday March 8th, starting at 9 AM, will feature an 8-hour class on Legally Beat IRS Assmessments and Collections. This class will be put on by Peymon Mottahedeh, President and Founder of Freedom Law School, and and one of the best Freedom attorneys in the country Donald MacPherson from Learn to beat an IRS audit and win in Tax Court, Collection Due Process Hearings, bankruptcy cases, refund lawsuits, and even have the IRS pay for your audit and court costs after you beat them.



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Saturday March 9th and Sunday March 10th, starting at 9 AM, is our main event! This will feature some of the most informative, knowledgeable and exciting Freedom speakers addressing a variety of the most important and life-changing events of our day.

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Saturday March 9th will feature our keynote banquet speaker for the evening: 

Judge Gray was the Vice Presidential Nominee for the Libertarian Party in the 2012 election. Judge Gray is a native Californian and is a respected author and jurist. Judge Gray will discuss the Libertarian platform him and Governor Gary Johnson ran on, and what we can do as Americans to move forward and release ourselves for the shackles of the two major parties and go forth with real candidates with real solutions.


Judge Jim Gray

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Monday March 11th from 9 AM – 12 PM features a seminar on Stop Home Mortgage Fraud. This is a new information that you must have if you are a home owner.

  • Learn how the US Banks have been defrauding American homeowners, like you, and destroying the home mortgage notes that obligate you to make monthly payments to the bank and their investors.
  • What you can do to prevent/stop bank home foreclosures and regain your good credit, even if you stopped making monthly home mortgage payments.
  • You will also learn how to legally own your home free and clear of government intrusion.



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Monday March 11th from 2pm – 5pm a class on No Income? No Money? No Tax Return? No Problem!

Presented by Peymon Mottahedeh, President and Founder of Freedom Law School

  • Learn how to own your home and make money in real estate. You will learn how to do this even if you don’t have any income, savings or even a tax return. This class will also cover privacy and estate planning.



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Here at Freedom Law School we want to connect Patriots. If you want to attend, but are worried about the cost of a room, no worries! Freedom Law School will get you in contact with other Patriots attending so you can work out splitting the cost of a room. Or if you’re in the Southern California area, want to attend, but can’t find transportation, we will help you get in contact with someone also commuting to share a ride with. Contact Freedom Law School at the number below for more details!

Freedom Law School | (760) 868-4271

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