Freedom Law School’s 2013 Freedom Rally

March 8-11, 2013


Sheraton Ontario Airport

429 North Vineyard Ave., Ontario, CA 91764

The dates are set. The location is set. And we have already compiled a list of confirmed speaker for the event. There will be two classes, 12 speakers, a banquet event, and vendors from all walks of the Freedom Movement with amazing material that will blow you away.

2013 Speaker’s Series:

  • Doug Wead – Ron Paul 2012 Senior Adviser (
    • Doug Wead is a presidential historian, author, and has served as a Special Assistant to past presidents. Most recently, Mr. Wead served as a Special Adviser to the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign.
  • Adam Kokesh – Libertarian Anti-War Activist, Internet Sensation, and 2003 Iraq War Veteran (
    • Adam is a former congressional candidate, author, and Adam is now the host and creator of His show features raw libertarian activism and has a following of hundreds of thousands who tune into his show on liberty issues that affect all of us every day. Adam is also an Iraq War Veteran and now also fights as an anti-war activist.
  • Amber Lyon – Investigative Reporter & Documentarian (
    • Amber is an investigative journalist.  She did excellent work on reporting human rights abuses against pro-democracy supporters in Bahrain, and she has also uncovered police brutality right there in the United States. Amber covered the news for CNN and is an accomplished documentarian.
  • Richard Fine – Former US Attorney (Free Richard Fine)
    • Richard is a former US attorney with the Department of Justice from Southern California. He successfully uncovered Judicial Corruption in Los Angeles County, and he was unlawfully imprisoned for whistleblowing about these events. Mr. Fine was an insider of the justice system who was forced out because of his interest in thruth and real justice.
  • Joe Banister – Former IRS Special Agent (
    •  Joe is a former gun-carrying IRS special agent. He released a 95 page report on the illegality of the income tax, which caused him to leave his job with the IRS. Joe now actively works to shed light on the fraud that is the US Income Tax.
  •  Ernest Hancock  – Radio Host and Activist (Declare Your Independence)
    • Ernest Hancock is an outspoken, freedom oriented, lively, and successful radio host. Ernest’s program is broadcasted to a wide audience, and Freedom Law School is proud to bring Ernest back for all our guest to hear.
  • Jayel Aheram – Young Antiwar Activist
    • Jayel is with the Young Americans for Liberty, and has also done work with Jayel is a young activist who works to empower the youth on antiwar, freedom, and other issues that affect us all. Through grassroots activism, Jayel’s message is able to get across to a wide audience.
  • Christina Heller – Documentary Film Maker (
    • Christina is a documentarian who directed the film Libertopia. Libertopia showed the journey of three individuals on their way to New Hampshire to join the “Free State Project”. Christina opens the viewer’s eyes to the true meaning behind the project, as well as shows what Liberty truly means to these people.
  • Paul Armentano – Marijuana Policy Expert (
    • Paul is the Deputy Director of or National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) and the NORML Foundation. Paul is an expert in the area of marijuana policy, helath, and pharmacology. Paul will speak to the changing political climate regarding marijuana policy. The landmark votes in Washington and Colorado prove that Americans are ready for reform, and Paul will explain what this shift means for all of us.
  • Peymon Mottahedeh – President/Founder of Freedom Law School (
    • Peymon will also serve as your Master of Ceremonies for the 2013 Freedom Rally. Peymon will talk about how the power of Grand Juries can restore justice back to America. 

Judge Jim Gray – Vice Presidential Nominee & Saturday Night Banquet Speaker


Judge Gray was the Vice Presidential Nominee for the Libertarian Party in the 2012 election. Judge Gray is a native Californian and is a respected author and jurist. Judge Gray will discuss the Libertarian platform him and Governor Gary Johnson ran on, and what we can do as Americans to move forward and release ourselves for the shackles of the two major parties and go forth with real candidates with real solutions. 

Seminars by Peymon Mottahedeh

  • Friday March 8, 2013 – “Legally Beat IRS Assmessments and Collections” -Featuring Donald MacPherson (
    • Learn to beat an IRS audit and win in Tax Court, Collection Due Process Hearings, bankruptcy cases, refund lawsuits, and even have the IRS pay for your audit and court costs when you beat them.
  • Monday Morning March 11, 2013 – “Stop Home Mortgage Fraud”
    • Learn how to stop the banks from illegally foreclosing on your home. You will also learn how to legally own your home free and clear of government intrusion.
  • Monday Afternoon March 11, 2013 – “No Income? No Money? No Tax Return? No Problem!” 
    • Learn how to own your home and make money in real estate. You will learn how to do this even if you don’t have any income, savings or even a tax return. This class will also cover privacy and estate plannng.

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