Speaker’s Schedule

Speaker’s Schedule

2014 Speakers List

     Larry Pratt – Founder and president of Gun Owners of America, the only no-compromise gun owner rights lobby in America will share his views of the challenge to fully restore the 2nd Amendment. GUnOwners.org.

    William E. Binney – Former high official of National Security Agency turned whistleblower, will share his insights into extent of massive spying of NSA on Americans.

Russell D. Tice – Former intelligence analyst with the Defense Intelligence Agency and NSA, who was the first to expose massive spying of US Gov. On Americans will share his insights into the extent of US Gov. Spying on Americans.

   Sheriff Nick Finch – Courageous Florida Sheriff who stood up for 2nd Amendment rights of Americans, was put on trial for doing so and later Acquitted will share his David v. Goliath story with us.

  Doug Wead – Presidential historian and senior advisor to 2012 Presidential candidate Congressman Ron Paul will share the inside story of the 2012 Ron Paul Campaign and the future of the liberty movement. DougWead.com. 

 Congressman James A. Traficant – Former maverick sheriff and congressman from Ohio will share his experiences and insights with the Federal Government. Jim-Traficant.com.


  Bill Still – Foremost author and documentary producer on history of money and banking will share his insights on how we can rid America from the clutches of the banks and the privately owned Federal Reserve System. TheMoneyMasters.com. 

  Gary Franchi – Producer of NextNewsNetwork.com, America’s 1st 24/7 Liberty News Network will share how the new internet media has started to overtake the Mainstream Media in reaching the America People.

Bob Schulz – Founder and Chairman of the Board of the We the People Foundation. WethePeopleFoundation.org